Finnes en neomillennial læringsstil ?

Det er i alle fall utgangspunktet for Chris Dede ved Harvard, som har skrevet artikkelen

Planning for Neomillennial Learning Styles: Implications for Investments in Technology and Faculty. Her er introduksjonen:

Today’s students have been described as having an information-age mindset, being Millennials or members of the Net Generation. While this portrayal of generational learning styles can be oversimplified, the technology and media used by children during their formative years do have an influence on how they learn, as do the media used by adults. However, technology is no more static than people. The Internet is a constantly evolving infrastructure that now supports many media, including such disparate applications as «groupware» for virtual collaboration, asynchronous threaded discussions, multi-user virtual environments, videoconferencing, and mobile, location-aware wireless devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) with embedded global positioning system (GPS) capabilities.1 Research indicates that each of these media, when designed for education, fosters particular types of interactions that enable—and undercut—various learning styles. Rather than describe the present (or the past), this chapter looks at the continuing evolution of computers and telecommunications and speculates on new learning styles emerging media may enable, as well as how higher education can prepare for this shift.

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